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Our delicious menu serves you poetries, stories, quotes, shayari and pretty much every crispy stuff you might like.

One of the most beautiful gift we have is the ability to write our experiences.

Quote which will elevate your hunger!

The journey of thousand miles begin with a single step.

Lao Tzu

Shayari right from the core of heart!

आसमान से तोड़ कर सितारा दिया है,
आलम-ए-तन्हाई में एक शरारा दिया है,
मेरी किस्मत भी नाज़ करती है मुझपे,
खुदा ने दोस्त ही इतना प्यारा दिया है।


Poem you will love to imbibe!

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

Robert Frost

Thank you all for visiting my website! Hope you had beautiful time exploring it. Have a wonderful journey:)

Ankit Hatria

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